In the light of the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah, Deeniyat is a Mumbai - based organization dedicated to spreading the basic Islamic knowledge and moral values ​​in the Muslim community and to carry out service and voluntary activities in the community irrespective of caste or creed. Since 2003, Deeniyat has been working towards upliftment of the Muslim community through Islamic teachings and therein enabling them to serve the purpose of benefiting mankind. It is obligatory for every Muslim to acquire Islamic knowledge by taking some time off from his busy life. Primary madrassas are an effective step towards this mission. Through 18 consecutive years of hard work, Deeniyat has been able to form and implement a systematic and effective madrassa system. The Diniyat Syllabus has been translated into various languages ​​and is spread across 25 countries. Within India and abroad About 16 lakh students are studying in Deeniyat Madrasas.

Deeniyath Educational Board

The Deeniyath Educational Board is a body working under the auspices of Kayamkulam Hasaniya Madrasa for the upliftment of Primary Madrasas in Kerala.Since 10 years,more than 11,000 students in Kerala and abroad ,are gaining Islamic Knowledge from different madrassas working under the Board.



Lakh Studetns

Organized Madrasa

The Organized Madrasa (Systematic Primary Madrasa) is an institution that conducts systematic study of Tajweed, for recitation of the Holy Qur'an, under an authentic curriculum, in a loving and enthusiastic manner, under proper supervision,for the upliftment of the students.

Systematic Study

A process of study based on a well-constructed and established foundation.

Method of Teaching

Effective teaching is when a teacher is able to teach to the best interest of his students.

Proper Supervision

Proper supervision of teachers, Parents, Institutional managers greatly aids the growth of students.


The Deeniyath Educational Board has prepared syllabus for children, men and women of all ages. The syllabus consists of five main subjects. Quran ( Qira’atul Qur’aan, Hifdhus Surahs), Hadeeth (Du’aa and Sunnah, Hifdhul Hadeeth), Aqaa’id and Masaa’il ( Aqaa’id ,Salaah, Al-Asmaa-ul-husna, Masaa’il), Islaamic Upbringing (Islaamic Knowledge, Speech and Du’aa, Seerah, Moral Education), Language ( Arabic, Urdu).

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